What is “The Beej” on Huffington Post??

“The Beej” or just plain “Beej” is the most prolific troll in the history of Huffington Post. Longtime users know that Beej has been playing games on Huffington for over 5 years now. Mnay longtime users estimate the number of Beej’s banned, abusive sock puppet accounts to range between 300-500.

An expert from a Huffington Post user’s blog (http://smilingtonpost.blogspot.com/2010/07/beej-must-go-down.html) provide an excellent description of the Beej:

“A quick look at their website the Huff-Watch confirms that Beej takes the Huffingtonpost as more of an obsession than the rest of the other posters put together. It's an experience that starts off as weird and kind of impressive and then the more you look and think about the scale of the effort and the kind of intent as well and impressive turns to scary, creepy and OMFG.

Beej's creepy stalkerish website contains a vast but confused and tangled array of archives and links. There's screenshots of all kinds of things from HP. So while we're over there posting, Beej is sometimes just taking screen shots and uploading them to his vast, vast blog.

So when I look at Huff-Watch I think... what's the point of all that work? What would happen if the Beej ever used that work ethic for something useful?”

See, Beej loves to lurk about Huffington Post like a creepy Peeping Tom hiding in the bushes. He waits on the sidelines, looking for users to pounce upon and release his frustrations with his own shortcomings in life. He follows users about, assaulting them with a barrage of abusive remarks. Apparently, he has an unhealthy obsession with a person named “John”. Beej sees “John” EVERYWHERE on Huffington Post. Should somebody call one of his socks out as being the Beej, he denies it. He denies it like a child with their hand caught in a cookie jar. He develops pitiful excuses, claiming that “Beej” is really a small army of operatives—working for his vast Huff Watch blog empire. Let’s be clear…there is only ONE Beej, and his abusive, trademark insults and moderation circumvention techniques are like fingerprints. Once you see a few Beej comments, there is no mistaking him. Yet, he continues to deny.

What is most amusing about The Beej and the Huff Watch blog is that Beej NEVER shows screenshots of his own abusive handiwork. To do so, would invalidate his obsessive blog. He would rather portray himself as victim. Beej never owns his activities. It is always the fault of liberals. And, the funniest part about Beej is that he whines and howls like a Banshee when Huffington users call him out for his activities.

Quite simply: Beej can dish it, but Beej can’t take it.

Here are just a few examples of Beej's incredible cowardice, bullying and hypocrisy:

Beej posts what he thinks is personal information about a HP member (remember, he calls US the stalkers)

Just an example of Beej's ever-so-sharp Conservative wit

Beej threatens violence against anyone who disagrees with his neofascist ideals

Beej denies that he is "Huffwatcher"

The Measure of a "Man:" Beej attacks a perfectly gentle and harmless HP member

Beej is obsessed with a user he calls "John". He tries to reveal personal information about John at every turn, including using the guy’s name in an attempt to “out” the user to the Huffington Post community. This is a clear violation of Huffington rules.

Here Beej continues with his “John” theme in which goes so far as to create and account called “JohnCT InGrandRapidsMI”

Beej Continues Attacking "John"

Here beej reveals personal information about a visitor to his blog. See how crazy he is? It seems that “John” lives everywhere—Texas, Michigan, and in Beej’s head. Note how beej makes reference to the “New Castrati” with a link to Urban Dictionary.

Beej Reveals Personal Info--Isn't This a Crime?

Beej is clearly so lacking in mental function that he sees this "John" everywhere:

Another Vicious Beej Attack--What a Man!

They're coming to get you, Beeeeej...

Coming soon (unlike Beej)